Use this section if you have any specific questions relating to funding from Mayfield Valley Arts Trust  and prior to making applications. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, please email the Trust’s administrator Mr J.R. Thornton  jthornton@mayfieldartstrust.org.uk

Who does MVAT support?

MVAT supports organisations that have a proven track record in supporting the professional development of young musicians and/or who work in the field of music education

How can I apply?

  • The main Fund is currently closed and further applications will not be invited until Autumn 2024.
  • The AHT Enterprise Fund makes awards annually, with full details for application process and deadlines to be found here.
  • Applications to the AHT Enterprise Fund must be made using the application form, click here to download the form.

What Type of Grant does MVAT give?

MVAT has two main funding streams:

  • A core grants programmes that supports development and performance opportunities for gifted young musicians and music education initiatives (NB  programme currently closed until Financial Year 2024)
  • The AHT Enterprise Fund that supports music based organisations to initiate new strands of work that may lead to a more formal application to the main Fund.
  • MVAT does not support individuals or continue towards capital grants 

Will MVAT support core costs?

MVAT acknowledges that organisations incur administration costs to run projects; however, the majority of any grant must be directed towards project activity that supports the Trust’s main objectives and the Trust does not make grants solely to support core costs.

What is the maximum funding I can apply for?

  • The main Trust is closed for applications at present
  • The AHT Enterprise Fund can make awards up to a maximum of £12,000

Am I eligible to apply?

MVAT supports only registered charities and does not accept applications from individuals

What if I have a further question?

If you have read the guidance and still have a question, please address this to the Trust’s administrator,  email: jthornton@mayfieldartstrust.org.uk


When does MVAT accept applications?

  • The Main Fund is closed and will not be inviting further applications until Autumn 2024 (further details will be published on the Trust’s website)
  • The AHT Enterprise Fund accepts applications from the 1st July with a closing date at the beginning of October. Applications are then reviewed at the Trust’s annual meeting in November. Grants are paid at the start of the next financial year.

What proportion of project costs will MVAT fund?

The Trust has no set formula for the percentage of costs it will provide towards a project and each application will be assessed individually on the basis of its impact and contribution towards the Trust’s objectives for both Funds.

If successful, how much monitoring and evaluation for my project is required by the Trust?

The Trustees may wish to attend a part of your project and require annually or at the end of the completed project, whichever the soonest a short evaluation report measuring the outcome against the initial objectives and the impact the project has had.

When can I expect a decision regarding my application?

The Trustees meet annually (usually November) to consider applications for the AHT Enterprise Fund (NB the main Fund is currently closed).  Successful applicants will then be invited to make a full application (invitations will be announced two weeks after the Trustees’ meeting). Full applications must be submitted by 1st February. Successful applications will be notified by April.

Does MVAT accept donations?

Yes, donations are gratefully accepted. To make a donation please CLICK HERE